Progressive Counselling


Progressive Counselling is a form of Healing. It is a deep holistic therapy which empowers you to be in " the now " in your life and supports you with unconditional love and wisdom.

In a Counselling session you will be given a safe supported environment to express as you need.

Progressive Counselling helps you to learn from, let go of problems, embrace challenges and move forward in the best way according to your needs and aspirations. You will be offered life tools if needed for you to use as required.

Progressive Counselling helps you to move forward through issues or habits which keep you stuck.

Through Progressive Counselling I aim to empower you to make decisions for yourself and learn to tap into your own intuition where all your answers lie.


People come for all sorts of reasons large and small.

  • Needing to be heard.
  • Needing to talk.
  • Needing to let go or forgive.
  • Seeking support through relationship issues, parenting, transitions, crises, stress management, life or work issues, pain management, addictions, difficult decisions, grief, loss, illness and shock.
  • For personal or spiritual development.
  • For people who are experiencing a block to moving forward.
  • Some people come because something is too difficult for them to manage or before something gets too difficult.
  • For help to cope or come to terms with...anything.


Usually I see people for Counselling in my Healing room but for those unable to come to me I offer Phone Counselling sessions. Just ring or email me to make an appointment and I can phone you at the agreed time.


It can be very helpful to receive Healings to help with progress. Counselling and Healings compliment each other beautifully. Please see the page on Healing.

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