" I had several sessions with Erica and was impressed by the calmness and insight it created. Erica is able to ensure a safe and understanding environment, where I was able to relax and reflect on myself in a non judgemental way, which led to a deeper understanding of myself. Being a therapist myself, I can recommend Erica as a very gentle and perceptive life coach for inner growth. "
Wolfgang Fassbinder, Acupuncturist

" I felt very comfortable and relaxed during my counsellings and healing sessions with Erica, leaving each time feeling strong and well affirmed in my own being. I found Erica caring, open minded and trust worthy. She is a gentle but has a way of getting to the point and therefore not much beating around the bush went on. I would recommend her to anyone " M

" Erica has helped me regularly over the past 3 years with healing of physical ailments and to find clarity in emotional problems. After a healing I always feel centred, relaxed and balanced. Healings help me move forward when I'm feeling stuck. Counselling sessions I have are empowering. They allow me to find clarity quickly around problems I have and how best to move forward. " Mr S

" Erica has a powerfully gentle and gently powerful healing "touch" in her whole being - in what she conveys verbally, transmits phsically (whether hands on or quietly nearby) and simply presence-wise, as offered by her grounded yet exspansive spirit. She harnesses good training along a path she so clearly deeply loves and is enlightened by.. and it was an absolute gift for me to feel the light of that love passing through my whole being in a session with her. (Slept like a babe afterwards too!) . " Sarah

" I feel a lot lighter and happier, and healthier since I started going to Erica last year. Friends have commented how much younger and softer I look, someone even asked me if I had botox! Erica has a loving caring way about her, and I would recommend her to anyone wanting some comfort or healing in their life. " JT

" My children have been receiving healings from Erica since 2004 as they have needed them. I am so gratefull to be able to go somewhere when my children are struggling and have them brought back into balance. They are so peaceful and settled and cope better with their life, school and physical changes they go through, after they have had healings. I also have regular healings and counselling when I need it. I feel supported and empowered in the process. " M

" My son and I went to see Erica for healing sessions. She has a calm, reassuring way that made us feel comfortable and in good hands. Her professionalism, knowledge AND intuition further added to the quality of her treatment. After I had seen Erica I felt grounded and energised. My son, who went to see her after an accident with facial injuries, recovered remarkably well and quickly. " C

" I have visited Erica at healing therapies both for healings and counselling sessions. I have found her to be extremely understanding, empathetic and intuitive. I have always felt very comfortable knowing I can confide in her. She is a really kind and genuine person who is very passionate and dedicated to her work. After a healing, I feel I have gained a calm, peaceful and positive energy and I have used many of her relaxation and breathing techniques to manage stressful situations. I am very grateful to her for all the help she has given me. " W

" To all those, who want to find healing with Erica. I met Erica because our children attend the same class at Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School. My impression of Erica is very positive. She is a very open hearted person who cares deeply about other people. A wise woman, a healer, who has the strength and knowledge to ease pain and reconnect people with life." Sincerely Micha

" My counselling sessions with Erica started because of emotinal uneasy times and exhaustion. The healings and counsellings were most rewarding and filled me with joy of spiritual excitement and the strength to go forward. " Regards B.D

" Having had years of experience both raising and working with children Erica provides a superb, caring and professional counseling and healing service for children. Her assistance, patience and charm encourage a greater awareness of others and deeper understanding of oneself. For my daughter the results are evident at school among her peers, an area she previously found most challenging. " K.S

" Erica's kindness and generosity of spirit make her an asset to this profession. The location and setting offer a beautiful space in which to gain the most from your healing in a safe comfortable environment. Erica's sincerity, warmth and love for all people and life nurture the confidence and trust that has assisted me in developing a deeper understanding of myself and my place here. Erica has been truly instrumental in my journey towards health and wellness. " K.S

Erica Ruiter Dip PCouns (SRMHC UK) Dip NspH (SRMHC UK) Dip of Teaching
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