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erica ruiter My name is Erica Ruiter. I live with my lovely partner and 2 beautiful children in Hastings, Hawkes Bay and have a great appreciation for life and love.

I have a special interest in the Rudolf Steiner Education which I received and my children currently receive. I love nature, animals, art, health and well-being, music and I am passionate about my work with people in Counselling, Healing and Teaching.

From a young age I knew I would teach and that I would grow into Counselling work. I have a Diploma of Teaching and have many years experience with children. I also have years of experience with people of all ages with special needs and learning differences.

I practised relaxation meditation for 10 years, studied re-evaluation co-counselling, reiki and thoroughly enjoyed researching different modalities. I found all I was looking for when I went on a silent retreat at the Self Realization Meditation Healing centre. It was here that I realised that I wanted to learn everything they had to teach me.

I began studying at the Self Realization Meditation Healing centre www.selfrealizationcentres.org.nz in 2003 when I came across the jewel of meditation...Pure Meditation. I am now a kriyaban.

I have since gained a diploma of Progressive Counselling and a diploma of Natural Spiritual Healing.

I am a member of SRMHC Associates NZ which is suppoted by the NZ Charter of Health Practitioners.

I feel honoured doing my life work in Healing Therapies and I look forward to meeting you.

Love and many blessings to you,


Erica Ruiter Dip PCouns (SRMHC UK) Dip NspH (SRMHC UK) Dip of Teaching
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